Pulling student name from Kallidus LMS

Hi there

I am pulling my hair out with this. I am determined to pull the leaner's name from the our LMS and import it into my course.  

I found this script on our fantastic forum:

var player = GetPlayer();

var myName = lmsAPI.GetStudentName();

var array = myName.split(',');

var newName = array[1] + ' ' + array[0];

player.SetVar("UserName", newName);

Works great when tested on other LMS platforms, however our LMS (Kallidus) only seems to pull the username.   

I faffed around trying different commands to no avail.  I have spent far too much time on this now but I do not want to admit defeat.  

Can anyone much more cleverer than me help?  My knowledge in coding and JavaScript isn't much more than knowledge that it exists.   

Thank you in advance lovely people!

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Carrie Wernham

Hi Matthew

Sorry for the late reply.  I was taken to another project and this headache was put on the back burner until now. 

Sorry it still only pulls the username.  It works fine on ReviewMyELearning.  This is a nightmare!

I looked at developer tools in another course which does pull the name (this was an off the self course) and can see cmi.core.student_name in the code.  Is this of any use?