SCORM "wrapper"

Hi Rise peeps.

We are currently weaning away from another supplier's authoring tool and onto Rise 360, and moving from their Cloud LMS to our own bespoke Cloud LMS.

For SCORM exports, one thing that they offer is what they call a "SCORM wrapper" as an alternative to a SCORM file. You can read about it here:

I can't find any technical translation of what that actually means (is it just a kind of xAPI feature?) - but I like the idea of being able to update a SCORM centrally, so that our 300+ customers who have our SCORMs also automatically update - because their "wrappers" reference back to our centrally-distributed file.

Does Articulate have an equivalent to the Gomo wrapper, please? Or can you point me towards a resource that might help me understand how we might achieve something similar?



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