Searching for someone to build custom Storyline player


  Is anyone experienced in working with Storyline SDK interested in building a custom Storyline player?

The player would probably have simple visual design and it will be used for projects with the story size of 16:9 If interested, please contact me and let me know about the approximate price


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Jaanika Hirv

@ Leslie: thanks for the tip!

@ Mark: I'll get back to you with the details as soon as I have the design and functionality approved (it may take some time)

My design idea is relatively minimalist in design and functionality, but I'm not sure that it will get approved and then I might have to change things

If I may ask, what kind of player are you building at the moment? Or have you ever come across/built custom players with a really clever design?

Mark Ramsey

Jannika, The complicated thing I'm trying to do is to extend Articulate so that:

1) The Notes section can be viewed from a separate window in a two-monitor system;

2) Extend the functionality so that there is a couple of overlay tools available to the instructor - annotation (drawing), and the ability to go to the OS and open up other files.

I have wrapped the Articulate code in a VB.NET wrapper to achieve the connection to the external window and the OS, and extended the frame.swf file using the SDK so that I can have the annotation overlay tools.

As far as the design goes, I am relying on the Powerpoint developer to do design. I might not be the design person you need FYI.