Seeking an experienced Articulate integrator

Hi everyone,


We are evaluating Articulate Suite as a potential solution for our company and it hinges on our ability to find a developer experienced (i e has completed work of this nature, not “keen to try”) in integration between Articulate’s courses and proprietary LMS platforms


We deliver heavily regulated online continuing education using our own courseware and LMS We wish to continue to use our LMS which can handle SCORM-compliant courses but some of the project specs reflect more regulation and less education For example, here are some of the requirements


  1. A student can only run a single course at a time associated with his/her learning account
  2. A minimum amount of elapsed time interacting with the course must be tracked and passed to our LMS in a way that cannot be altered by the student
  3. Any extended period of interactivity should result in the student’s course logging the student out or closing down
  4. All content, including assessments must be completed and time requirements must be met for a student to receive credit for the course


I appreciate some of these parameters may seem odd in the field of education, but we’re dealing with regulators, so these parameters are not optional We have successfully delivered courses in this environment and are keen to draw on an expert’s knowledge for our potential integration If you are interested you can contact me via the forum or at cjames@cenetwork com Thank you

Callum James

CE Network Inc  

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Callum James


Our proprietary LMS  uses Javascript for the current courseware and ASPDOTNET for the 'storefront' (we have an ecommerce component) The LMS was the forerunner for what would become the universal platform for a major player in the industry We've managed our courseware through design to allow a series of custom 'switches' in the code that we turn on/off for each regulator and their needs While each regulator's needs are unique in their configuration, they share sufficient commonality to allow us to define our product tightly

We're interested in whether we can convert to Flash and manage a long-term migration of courseware, allowing our current design and the potential Articulate design to co-exist in the same LMS until we retire the old design


Callum James


I have received several private solicitations for business as a result of my post While we may, in the future, conduct a vendor-selection process, we have not committed to Articulate as our new platform, nor are we likely to, unless I can confirm that there are experts out there with the experience that we require (i e we won't be doing anything too speculative or exploratory we have sufficient experience with technology integration to know the headaches this can bring)

Our current LMS runs our own Javascript courseware that meets all our requirements The courseware currently appends an LMS user session log with the time of each interaction (e g page turn) which allows us to establish the overall elapsed time on-task and the fact that all pages were read We can make on-screen activities mandatory or voluntary  

We are considering Articulate and Flash-based programming to benefit from its rapid development capabilities We also expect that due to the nature of Flash-based learning (it often 'plays' as opposed to simply just being delivered all at once), we may want to reduce our current courseware's total dependence on the interactivity between the courseware and our LMS for time tracking and build in a kind of elapsed time counter that will allow the user to 'download' a short section of the course, complete it, and as they proceed to the next section, the elapsed time for the section will be appended to our LMS user session log We appreciate that there could be some lost work if users jump from different computers or devices  

If anyone actually has experience dealing with timers and/or compliant environments where progress tracking is explicitly tracked, then we can talk If not then, thanks for your time, but we may have to decline we're not about to build a whole new custom functionality for Articulate



Callum James

Hi Folks,

I am afraid this project is dead in the water I was speaking with Jim DiSorbo, our assigned Articulate rep it looks like in order to use Articulate we would need to abandon our proprietary Java-based LMS and move to Articulate Online While we might have considered Articulate's LMS (and only after careful consideration and exploration), the fact we cannot buy or lease a copy of the Articulate LMS to house on our servers, makes Articulate a non-starter For a combination of economics and regulatory requirements, we're not about to host our LMS through a third party

Thanks for your interest and time I am now headed back to the market to seek a differnt solution



Brian Sullivan

Ditto regarding running on other LMSs (AICC, SCORM 1 2 and SCORM 2004 compliant)

The regulatory and other requirements are a tough nut to crack though since your content/lessons and custom LMS are so intimately tied

I really don't see where Articulate Online solves those problems anyway but maybe it is my ingnorance