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Michael Hinze

It dependsĀ on whether or not you need tracking functionality, like a LMS would provide. If you simply want o host content, pretty much any hosting package will do. You can even use DropBox or GoogleDrive to 'host' content. If you do need LMS functionality, then Moodle is one viable option. You could also opt for a LMS solution that is hosted for you and just pay for that service, e.g. Articulate Online.

Dan Marsden

If you decide to self-host, make sure you also implement a plan to upgrade. For Moodle you should be upgrading every 2 months to the latest stable release which includes security patches and bug-fixes and upgrading at least every 18 months to a new major release (a major release is made every 6 months but the support cycle means that each version is supported for at least 18months with bug fixes and security updates)

Paying for a managed/hosted solution means you don't have to worry about that sort of stuff.

Joseph Conrad

Thank you for the feedback on this, folks. I host about 100 websites for customers and it just seems I would be spending less if I host it myself and take care of it myself. To be honest, I don't know how much Articulate Online costs so I really should look at that and compare my own costs.