Sending Variable and Assessment Results to an Outside database

I am working on a project that requires me to send user input data and assessment results to a database that is not a traditional LMS/LRS. I am wondering if anyone has had success doing this? It seems like there are many different posts about this topic, but the only ones that have been successful are from at least a few years ago, and the methods seem like they may be outdated. Help!

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Bridget O'Dell

Hi Mary,

Hope this helps. You can use JavaScript to export any variable values included in your course to an email message. Each user would send the email message to a designated address and then those responses can be collected for an overall input on all users' interactions with the course. I haven't worked with exporting to a database or google spreadsheet, but there are several articles on this site about this.

I just wrote an article of how to export variable values to an email - you can read it here: