Show/hide Navigation Pane on top of a new Presenter skin

Hello all,

I have successfully created a new Presenter skin following Dave Mozealous's instructions However, my skin only has a few simple buttons (back,fwd, pause and play)

I would like to know how to create a button that show/hides the navigation panel that would appear on top of my new Skin I think I have added the correct actionscript to the button graphic (see below), but I think the menu might be appearing under the skin and not on top of it Please could someone let me know if I'm correct in my assumptions or not and how can I fix it (My skin has horizontal sides covering both edges) Thanks very much

Here's the actionscript I'm using to show hide the menu:

button_menu onPress = function ()


ArtAPI SetDisplayMode("next");


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David Burton


If you suspect your player is over top of your assets, please refer to the levels below and make the necessary change to your player skin level

    Articulate QuizobjectLevel = _level55;
    Articulate PlayerLevel = _level44;
    Articulate FlashobjectLevel = _level33;
    Articulate SlidegroupLevel = _level22;

I hope this helps!