Slightly (well, very?) off topic - looking for a good intranet program!

Hi all - I keep searching on my own, but I don't know what to look for...  My company is VERY old-school, our systems are old, and our intranet is ancient (last design was in 2005, and we still use FrontPage).  I finally convinced my company to buy Storyline, because I think that we can do so much with it, and I LOVE this community! 

I'm technically an ID in the Training department, but I'm also now the "keeper of the intranet" because I have a tiny ounce of knowledge in HTML and the IT department doesn't want it.  The powers that be want an updated intranet, but don't know what's out there - they mostly just want a refreshed look.

Personally, I'd like something with an LMS system, and a CMS system, that perhaps would tie into our payroll system - but I don't know if that exists.  Does it?  Can anyone help me so I can sound like I know what I'm talking about?

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