Storyline 2, API, sending score for custom application?


we want to use Storyline 2 in our project. Our customer doesn't have LMS with SCORM or Tin Can. It is just normal application with no learning functions(similor to CMS framework). Course will be on web server, opened from inside system by users.  However we need to get just one, most important information from the course: how much points(or percent of points) does this user has in final test. They don't want to invest in any advanced integration, customization, SCORM or TINCAN. It would be great if f.e. user could send this information in link(f.e. pressing submit button at the end of course or at the end of test). 

Is any simple way to do that? 

We have seen this describe( but it is too complicated for them and seems to create too much job.

It would be great if we could use Storyline in this project and this is the only one thing we need.

I would be gratefull for quick help.

Regards, Damo






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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)


We have done this for several clients. We normally end up extending Storyline's JavaScript so that it will post the score (or other data) to the server. We prefer this method as it can be automated and doesn't rely on the student to send the scores. But we have had success using JS triggers too. 

There would need to be a URL to send the data to that would process it on the server side (to submit to the database). We can help build that as well. 

Although the concept and solutions are similar it varies from client to client depending on their needs, technology, etc. 

Feel free to contact me directly through our site:

Andrew Downes

Could you use SCORM Cloud and look at the reporting data there? This could be relatively straightforward to set up versus creating your own bespoke web service and JavaScript functions. Why re-invent the wheel?

Would a call be helpful to discuss? Feel free to email me on if that'd be helpful. 

Jason S

We do something similar w/ some JS Callbacks that our CMS application can listen for, and mark the content complete. Our challenge now is that for mobile use - this particular piece of content has things in it that the HTML5 version won't do, so we are looking at allowing the Articulate Mobile app take over and play the content back (simply checking that box on publish) - but now don't know how to get the JS callbacks from that native Mobile app - the content just sits there when the user is done, and doesn't make the JS callback to our application - any ideas would be helpful.

Ivy Tan

We are also looking into this. We are not sure of specifics, but we may need to send data to a database that is not related to an LMS and mark the content complete when users complete certain activities. The marks are not important but the system must match the user to action. We need to track that a user has completed certain activities. Our content is most likely simple, the type that can work on computers and mobile devices (via Articulate App).  If data cannot be sent to database for users on mobile devices, that would be a problem. I am clueless as to how this is to be done, do we need the developer SDKs and APIs for this?

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

It's not hard to do with the Flash and HTML5 output. I you wan to use the mobile app you would need an adapter of sorts to convert the tin can statements to something you can use in your database. Not impossible but probably not worth the effort as the HTML5 output runs pretty well on mobile. 

Andrew Downes

When working out the cost/benefit for the effort. do bear in mind that if you enable your LMS to receive Tin Can data, then you're potentially allowing your database to connect in with other sources of Tin Can data e.g. from other authoring tools. If you do something bespoke you've got to do the work again every time you want to integrate something new.