StoryLine 2 SDK - Window size problem

Since we plan on making 80 courses over the next 2 years, we decided to make a customframe through SDK. Mainly for the menu. This was build in StoryLine 1. 

With the new version, StoryLine 2, this customframe stopped working. Now there has been a SL2 SDK release, which I am very pleased with.

However I seem to have a problem with the interface as it resizes my content?

The Story size is 990 by 560

My CustomFrame.xfl is also set on 990 by 560
The container slide within the xfl file is also set to 990 by 560

What am I doing wrong? See attachment. It looks like it got a sidebar/seekbar enabled, as it makes space for it or something? The project file got all these features disabled, except for the menu one.

Is there any Actioscript file i should edit? Could use some help.

Attachment 1: How it looked like in SL1
Attachment 2: How it looks now when we use the new customframe with SL2.

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