Storyline SDK runtime error


I re-downloaded the Storyline SDK and received the following error on the published output running from my webserver:

VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of Frame in customframe Frame

I unpacked the zip to the root of my C: Drive and have not been able to overcome this runtime error

To be sure it was not an issue caused by me, I performed the following:

Opened: C:\storyline-sdk-1 0\CustomFrame\CustomFrame xfl in Flash CS6

Selected File from the menubar and Save All

Selected file from the Menubar and Publish (the debug publish is the default Flash publish setting)
IĀ ensured the filename in C:\storyline-sdk-1 0 was frame swf (already set in the C:\storyline-sdk-1 0\CustomFrame\PublishSettings xml)

Once published, I uploaded it - replacing my existing frame swf in the story-content folder, then ran the project

Effectively, this process changed nothing in the player since I did not edit anything, but only saved all and published with the default debug publish settings

In FF I getĀ the error, while in IE 11, I get movie not loaded

I also run the Flashbug plugin in FF and it never sees an AS3 file

Am I forgetting something in my Flash setup?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

RESOLVED!!! - Not sure why, but i have edited the file in Flash CS5 5 (ELS version) and it works fine again

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