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So you like to use ActionScript/JavaScript to enhance your Storyline courses? But how do you know what slide you are on? Is this a quiz question? Is the Learner in scene two?

We have just released a new widget that we hope will help other developers create awesome add-ons and interactions in Storyline  

This widget will broadcast loads of info about the current slide each time the slide is changed It works with both the Flash and HTML5 output

This widget creates a new JavaScript Object with the following information:

  • Slide Index - Slide number within the scene
  • Slide Title -  Title of the current slide
  • Slide ID - Unique ID assigned by Storyline ex: 5Af72gY
  • Scene Index - Scene number within course
  • Scene Title - Title of the current scene
  • Scene ID -  Unique ID assigned by Storyline ex: ByR6x3V
  • Quiz Index - Quiz number within a scene
  • Question Index - Number of the question if within a quiz
  • Question Title - Title of the question
  • QuizBank - True if current slide is in a quiz
  • Lightbox - Boolean indicating if the current slide is being lightboxed

https://elearningenhanced com/products/storyline-slideinfo

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