Tracking HTML5 course results without an LMS?

Hey, I'll try to keep this short. Hopefully this is the correct subforum. 

We built a web domain to host a significant number of our courses. All designed in Storyline 360. Original goal of the website was to simply provide access to "surface level" courses that didn't have quizzes or scoring to track. Just general info stuff. All published as HTML5 files. Hosted with AWS. This functions as needed right now. 

Now, I'm starting to lean towards the idea of tracking scores for more complex courses, in the web domain. Now I realize this would likely require single sign on being set up for the domain. But that's another story. For now, I'm wondering if anyone has explored tracking options for courses like this outside of an LMS. Anything from moodle to surveymonkey, to designing a system from scratch. I'm open to any ideas, and I'm simply wondering if anyone else has faced this obstacle before. We're essentially trying to bypass using a traditional LMS. 

Lastly, I know SCORM engine is available for purchase to integrate to a web domain, though avoiding paying money for licenses was the original goal here. 

Thanks for any input or advice, I greatly appreciate it. 



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Saurabh Chauhan

Hi, you asked any IDEA?

I recommend this idea to every client who asks this question to me!


It is simple and easy to execute and can easily meet future needs without starting again from scratch.

What is our goal right now?

Launch and track user activities, but do not want users to register? Also, want reports on who completed the course.

Things you need:

  1. WordPress (Free)
  2. GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin
  3. Any FREE or paid LRS
  4. Content packages (in xAPI, SCORM, or cmi5 format)

Steps you need to follow?

  1. Re-export all the packages in the required format. (recommended: xAPI)
    1. Benefits? Track the following out of the box.
      1. Track slides views
      2. Question responses
      3. Completion Status (Passed/Failed/Completed)
      4. Quiz Score
      5. Time spent
  2. Setup WordPress on your existing AWS or any other hosting.
  3. Install plugin, connect to LRS of your choice.
  4. Upload packages on WordPress using  GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin.
  5. Enable the "Guest Access" feature of the plugin to ask the learner's "Name" and "Email ID" before presenting the content.
  6. Send a link to your learners and track their activities without any hassle.
  7. All the tracking data will to your connect learning record store.

Need an LMS in the future? install an LMS plugin and easily add uploaded content to LMS lessons and quizzes. Pass on Storyline content score to LMS reports, you need GrassBlade Cloud LRS for this.