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I have a new laptop computer and have been unsuccessful in getting my Studio 13 moved from my old PC to my new one.  I have about a 100 back and forth emails from articulate support, I sent screen shots, error messages to no avail. This has been going on for a week.  Any suggestions on who can help me?, my work is piling up. Is there a live person I can talk to? 




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Sandy Beale-Berry

Did you try to redownload the installation email link from when you purchased Articulate 13 and input your license IDs? It should work, If you purchased one license it can travel to different machines. But before trying this, make sure your new laptop has the compatible requirements/specifications to run Articulate 13 on it. You can review this information on Articulate's  website under products.

Sandy Beale-Berry,  M Ed

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karen moody

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