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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

Are you looking to use the translation within the Player for text labels, or import in a translated document for the Storyline content? You should be able to still import translated content, but if you're customizing the Player, I would suspect the Player text labels would be changing anyway - so you likely wouldn't be able to use the built in translation feature for the Player  

Rob Sheely

Hi Mark,

The custom frame in the SDK is meant as a (somewhat) basic example or as a starting point for creating your own You can modify it to change the text in the labels, or to add support for setting them on the fly Doing the latter is somewhat involved, and if you're interested I could provide more information to get you started



Content Dev

Hi Rob, I'm trying to do the same and would be interested in knowing how you'd get started to get the labels set in Storyline into the custom player If you can provide further info such as where are they stored and how to access the data from the frame I'm a flash developer so feel free to get technical : )