Trapping Volume and Seekbar events with JavaScript in the Storyline 360 player


A Storyline 360 course we have built has several slides that embed a Web Object.  The Web Object is used to remotely load a video and have it play using the video.js JavaScript video player.  We did this to reduce the footprint of the SCO file that is produced. 

The video.js video player has its own volume and play/pause controls but I would like to leverage the Storyline 360 Player Volume and Seekbar controls to play/pause and change the volume of that video.  Is there a way that I can trap events for those controls (e.g. user pressed Pause on the Seekbar or increased the Volume) so that I can in turn fire the equivalent JavaScript method available in the video.js video player I have embedded in the Web Object?  For example, user presses the SL360 Seekbar "pause" button, that fires off a method in video.js that pauses the video.



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Andrew Hanley

I dont think there is any way to do this. Unfortuntely there arent many Player parts of Storyline that are exposed to JS. I am not 100% sure, but I have never seen a way to get this.

I spent alot of time months ago trying to code a custom library that would listen for, and grab, seekbar interactions from the Storyline Player window. I gave up after trying everything I could think, and some very roundabout "hacks" but nothing worked satisfactorily :(

Are you using the Classic or Modern players? All my work was within the Classic player, so Modern maybe handles it differently?