What I See is Not What Others See

I was wrapping up one of my courses (in Storyline 2) when the reviewers found issues with slides that had buttons connected to multiple layers. There are two issues. First, everything is working on my end during preview mode, publishing and viewing and posting to the server. So what makes my computer so special? Is it Flash related? This is frustrating since I can't really trust what I am seeing for edits. Any ideas here? Second, as stated these buttons on these slides do not work for the reviewers. They can only click one button (base layer), but when they return (from a slide layer) to the main slide, and try the other buttons, they don't work.  For some reason, these slides work on my computer. I really like this interaction. Again, back to issue #1. :) I am including an attachment with screenshots illustrating the slides and properties. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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