Which tool should I use?


I have a technical challenge and need advice on which tool or technology to use. I create customer-facing training that demonstrates how to use a software tool we sell. The goal is to create training that allows the training course to pause and offer the user several buttons to branch to different parts of the software being demo'd. We'd also like to capture analytics on course usage such as number of users who accessed the course & average amount (e.g., # of slides, % of course) viewed by each user. We do not have a customer-facing LMS. We are moving to Adobe AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) which apparently does capture the analytics I mentioned above BUT only for MP4\YouTube videos. MP4\YouTube videos play like a movie without allowing the video to pause or buttons for branching, the videos simply play straight through. Is there some way to use Articulate to create a video that pauses & allows branching? Or are you aware of a low cost solution to allow us to capture analytics? We'd like to have a web-page users can go to and select a link to launch the training (i.e., do not want users to log into an LMS).

Thank you in advance ... Chris

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