Would skipping JAVA update affect Articulate 9 - Studio 360 video playback?

We are looking at not keeping up with the Java script updates with our computers and our Articulate course work dates back to Articulate 9 - Studio 360. I really don't know how to answer my IT department about the cause and effect of not doing the next Java update on our video player. IT has made VLC our media player on our PC's and currently the browser platform (don't laugh) is still IE 11. There are hopes to move to Chrome with an LMS change in the future.

Any ideas and thanks!

Ron J.

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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Java and JavaScript are completely different (not related at all). I hate that they named it JavaScript... causes a lot of confusion. 

As far as I know Articulate has never used Java in any of their products so you should be OK. 

VLC is (by default) does not run in the browser and does not use Java. There are plugins to make it work in the browser. And web developers and can use ActiveX to make the browser load VLC into IE... But hopefully nobody has done such a mean thing to you. And VLC should be fine if you skip the Java update.