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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Silvia,

It's not something I've run into - and I record a lot of things in Peek! 

Have you checked to see how it behaves when you're only running Peek and the application you're trying to record? How does the MP4 that's created playback vs. what you upload to Review? Are you using a USB mic, wireless, or the built-in computer mic? 

Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing your experience here, Victor. Really sorry you're running into that audio issue as well – we're here to help!

Ashley asked some great questions above to help us dig deeper – are you able to share a little more detail on your microphone setup and if there's any difference between both audio files?

We'll be standing by!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for clarifying that, Victor! I'm happy to help you get to the bottom of this.

To start, let's see if a simple Peek repair helps. If it doesn't, I have a few more questions:

  • You mentioned you notice the choppiness/dropped frames when recording in Excel as well as other programs – can you let us know which ones?
  • Do you notice any patterns across the affected recordings – are they all a certain length, etc.?
  • Are you able to share one of your Peek recordings in this thread, or privately here?

I'll be here!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for the thorough details, Victor! Really appreciate you working through this with me.

I'm going to compile my notes and open a case for you to work with our support team on this, so we can do a deep dive into that wonky behavior.

Look out for an email from someone on the team with some next steps – I'll follow along as well!

Katie Riggio

Hi, all. It's me again 👋 I just wanted to circle back here to let you know that we released another update for Articulate 360!

This update includes a fix for an issue in Peek where audio would sometimes skip or stutter when previewing a recorded screencast.

You can take advantage of this fix by updating your software to the latest version. Many thanks again for bringing this to our attention, and let us know if you have any other questions!

Natasha Batke


I'm having this same issue: Choppy audio and visual once recorded. It's really put a wrench in my week as I need to get this tutorial out ASAP. 

I have tried the following: 

  • run the repair noted above
  • ensured I have the latest version of Peek
  • restarted and hard-rebooted my computer

Another issue I'm seeing is that Peek will only open for me when my laptop is not docked at my workstation. This isn't the case for anyone else on my team, and my guess is that the issues are related. 


Thanks in advance!

Katie Riggio

Hey, Gaby. So sorry you're experiencing that!

Have you had a chance to try a simple repair for Peek? If that doesn't help, the How to Fix Unexpected or Erratic Behavior steps should do the trick!

Let us know how you make out. Looking forward to diving in, and our Support Engineers are always available here to work with you one-on-one in a support case if that's easier!

Jeff Trager

Has there been a solution to this issue?  We recently purchased Articulate 360 and sold it on the ease and simplicity of using Rise and Peek (over Camtasia which we own now for recordings) for more non-formal training and information sharing.  In a simple POC the Peek videos were fine.  Now that we have recorded a dozen and are going back to review, we are seeing the issues with audio and video as mentioned above.

I did download the latest version this morning (as other recordings were a few weeks ago) and verified .NET FW 4.7 was checked, but in my first recording this morning it is already having issues.

Any insight or help would be appreciated, as part of our "sell" for bringing this in was a simpler recording tool than Camtasia or Replay for "light" users.


Katie Riggio

Hi, Jonathan. So sorry you're unable to use Peek 360!

I found the support case where you were knee-deep in troubleshooting with our senior Support team on this audio issue a while back. 

I know you mentioned you're using Replay 360 for now until your next test, but let us know if you need an extra hand with that. We're happy to work with you further on this, and can reopen the case. Just give us a shout!

Mike Barrow


My version of Peek 360 is all up to date. I've just used Peek to screen record a webex. The webex was fine to listen to in real-time but the recording (regarding the audio) is awful. Sometimes it is clear but then it either drops out completely or sounds like the mic has a dodgy cable.  The video recording was fine.

I have an HP Elitebook 830 G5, running W10 Pro, i5-8250u, CPU1.80GHz

I've logged this with our internal IT support team. But if this is a known issue then I can pass that info onto them.

Kind regards,