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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Reuben!

So sorry you're facing this audio problem. Let's try a few quick tactics:

If those steps don't help, you have access to live chat our Engineers right here! Our team will take an in-depth look at your environment and let you know what they uncover!

steve dennis

Replay and native storyline recorders work fine, even powerpoint screen recording. Peek is cool and I love the direct to cloud and local, but I don't think it's for LMS content, more like quick screen grabs and sending links to people, which is super handy in itself. Just wish I didn't have to explain why I need to refilm 2 days of content but those are the breaks ! No issues with replay for LMS content

Jamie Mohney

I am also experiencing choppy audio when using Peek. I am using a direct headset when recording and am hard wired in for internet connectivity. I've tried recording multiple times but I get the same result each time. When I record my audio with other recording tools such as Audacity, the audio is perfect.

Has there been any support resolution on this issue? It doesn't seem like an isolated issue based on this thread.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jamie!

That doesn't right! We haven't released a fix related to choppy audio in Peek 360. 

Let's start with these three questions:

  • If you have external monitors plugged in, can you try unplugging the monitors and recording a Peek? Are you still hearing the same choppy audio?
  • Can you try using another headset or even using the computer speakers when recording a Peek?
  • Are you using Peek for Windows or Peek for Mac?

I'm looking forward to seeing where the culprit is!

Surya Koduri

I am having the same issues with replay 360 - choppy video. I am not even recording the audio. I am using other screen recording software using the same set-up that I have, no issues. 

I want to use replay because of its simplicity in editing the video. 

  • Recording on Dell Lattitude 7390 - Disconnected external monitors.
  • Camera and microphone turned off. 


Ren Gomez

Hi Surya,

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you're running into these issues with choppy video in Replay 360, but to confirm, are you also recording the video in Replay, or are you using other software and importing the video into Replay 360?

Try closing unnecessary applications when you record, and doing a quick repair may also help in resetting the application. If you find yourself still running into issues, connect with our support team, and they can take a closer look at your setup.