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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Angies. Thanks for writing in!

Right now, there isn't a way to do this in Peek 360. We built Peek 360 to be the easiest way to capture quick screencasts on a Mac or Windows PC.

If you're looking for intuitive editing tools to tweak your recording until it's just right, Replay 360 is great for finishing the job. It has several key editing options that I've outlined below:

  • Lower Thirds: These are semi-transparent graphics that overlay the bottom of your video. They display brief comments or supporting information.
  • Splitting: You can split a clip into two or more segments to have more control over the timing of elements.
  • Cut: When cutting a clip, the selected portion gets removed and the remaining portions get spliced back together.

We even have an example of a video that was recorded with Peek 360 and then edited with Replay 360 to transform it into a step-by-step tutorial. Check out the process here! 😀