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Training  Sunstates Security


I too have no sound when I view my finished product in Peek. I have tried to change the microphone, but it seems to only have one option. I have plugged in a microphone, I have switched speakers on my computer, and I have reinstalled the program but nothing seems to work.The only microphone option I have is called "Microphone Array (Realtek High Definition Audio" and my computer has the attached options for audio which do not match.

Any suggestions?


Vincent Scoma

Hi there Training Sunstates Security,

Happy to help here! 

When working in Peek 360, if you click on the Microphone icon the available microphones to choose from will appear in a drop-down menu. The selected microphone should have a ✔️next to it to indicate which microphone is selected: 

In regards to the screenshot you provided, the difference here is that those are audio playback devices that Windows uses to play sound.

Since you already re-installed Peek 360, what might help is to close out of Peek 360 entirely and then re-open the application. 

You can completely close the app by opening up your system tray >> Right-clicking on the Camera icon >> then click on Quit

When you re-open Peek 360, if I could have you check to see if you can record audio, that would help greatly! Please let us know if you run into any snags! 

Training  Sunstates Security

I Quit and re-opened the application but still the only microphone option that I am given to select is either "None" or "Microphone Array (Realtek High Definition Audio". I am not sure what this microphone is but nothing I do seems to connect to it to make audio work. I have tried simply recording regular computer audio and plugging in a Snowball mic to try and pick up the audio and nothing works.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Training Sunstates Security,

Have you tried recording with any other Articulate 360 tools (Storyline, Rise, Replay, etc.) to narrow down if it's a Peek only issue? What about other audio tools on your computer?

It may be best to work directly with our Support Team next so that they can gather more details on your environment and setup! Let us know if you are able to connect and we'll be happy to follow along.