No recording bar when I use Peek

I am using windows 10 on a pc - Microsoft Surface Book.

I open Peek, select the app I want to record, all good so far.

If I choose to record anything on the external monitor the recording tool bar is not showing. I have to go into the system tray to access the controls.

If I choose to record on the laptop screen, the recording tool bar shows up until the countdown is complete, then disappears.

Another issue: when I open Peek from the system tray, the preference link in the settings mostly won't open - I have been able to get it to open only once.




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kim,

I've seen that occur before, especially when recording full screen. Can you double check some of the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this discussion?   From the preferences you should be able to choose another option to end the recording. 

I also wanted to link to the Peek tutorial and user guide.