Peek--Cannot Edit the MP4?

If the MP4 could be edited, I would love it. As it stands it is not working for me. When I create a video to demonstrate how to access something on our web there is a lot of blank white space and lag. I tried to figure out how to edit that and found that it is not possible. I would need to purchase an editing tool--it is a bit disappointing. bummer.

I sent a request to Articulate Support about this yesterday.

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi gg!  Thanks for writing in!  This sounds like it would be a great project for Replay 360!   With Replay 360 you do have several editing options that I've outlined them below, and you can find detailed instructions on these features here!

  • Cut: When you cut a media clip, the selected portion gets removed and the remaining portions get spliced back together.
  • Delete: The delete feature works like the split and cut features combined. In other words, you can cut out part of a media clip, but the remaining segments won’t be spliced back together. They’ll remain split.
  • Split: You can split a video clip, an audio clip, or an image into two or more segments so you have more control over the timing of elements in your project.
  • Silence: You can use the enhanced playhead to replace part of a media clip with silence.