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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sue,

Is anything else running when you start Peek? Have you tried to shut down the other applications or programs and running Peek on it's own? The more items you have running, the more work your computer is doing, so turning on the fan sounds like what'd I'd expect to keep the computer working at optimal speed. I'd also check out the Peek system requirements here and make sure everything is in line there. 

Also are you trying to record using the built in computer mic, or do you have a microphone you plug in? The latter may work a bit better to help isolate what sounds the recording will pick up. 

Josiah Hall

I don't have fans firing up, but my CPU usage goes through the roof and causes audio and video glitches when I am doing a recording. Even with everything shut down accept the one browser tab I am trying to record it still goes to 99%usage and occasionally jumps to 100% where it glitches the recording. my CPU usage is normally 20% or below even with Outlook/ multiple browser tabs/ Skype for business, and a few other apps opened up. Dell laptop, Windows 10 Education edition, 16 GB ram. memory and disk are fine, CPU is what jumps to 99% when trying to use Peek.