Sound & Screen Glitch

Hello, I have been having 2 recurring issues:

1. The dual monitor issue that I've seen reported wherein the 2nd monitor (not my PC laptop) does not record the portion of the screen within the red box.

2. (and this one is far more frustrating) The sound gets glitchy and then sounds VERY far away after I type something during my screen recording. I've used an external keyboard and my laptop keyboard with the same result. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program with no improvement and 12+ attempts.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Abby, 

I've got a couple of questions to help narrow down the next steps to resolve this frustrating behavior. 

1. What PC and Windows OS are you using? Are you choosing to record full screen or a designated portion of your larger monitor? Finally, what does record within that set up?

2. Is the sound normal before you type anything? You mentioned uninstalling/reinstalling...have you already tried these steps? 

Let me know what shakes out after going through the above, and if you're still having trouble I can help connect you with our Support Team