360 Review tool secure?

Feb 07, 2017

I recently purchased 360 and like the Review tool.  However I was just informed by a client that they won't accept courses posted via Review due to security issues.

I don't have specifics, but is there some sort of documentation I can present that describes 360 Review security features? 

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Sonny Boyd

We have been using Articulate Review for more than a year, but it is against company policy for our new product information  and our client product/marketing information go outside our firewall. We have petitioned to have a policy waiver for the site, but security has become tighter due to recent developments. Is there some way to set something like this up behind our firewall? It is a great tool, but it seems there are to be no exceptions to the policy.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Sonny!

While there isn't a way to use Review behind your internal firewall and get around your security policy, the best solution may be to block access to http://360.articulate.com/review/. This way, neither subject matter experts (SMEs) nor course authors can use it. 

If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to reach out to our Support Engineers here!

Anitha Raju

I have a question. We need to log in using Articulate ID to share the content. But the publishing can be done even without logging in. And there is a option to comment for people who dont have an articulate ID. My question is: Is the published content in Review 360 is secure? Are there possibilities that anyone can look into the content?

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Anitha. Great questions!

  1. By default, reviewers can add comments to Review 360 projects without an Articulate ID. They'll see a prompt to enter their email address to post comments so they can receive notifications for replies. If you need reviewers to sign in with an account before they post comments, you can do that too! Simply click the Share tab > uncheck the box to Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment
  2. I echo Justin in that we take security seriously at Articulate. Check out our white paper on security policy to learn about our approach, what information we collect, and our privacy policy to get additional details on how we protect personal information. Also, did you also know you can password protect content in Review 360? Simply click the Share tab > select Set a password. That way, only users with your set password can access the content using the Share link.
John Morley

Review is working well for us. We go through many iterations on a project, so rolling up comments to the most recent version is great.

The concern is, what happens when slides are added or deleted? Do existing comments somehow remain attached to the appropriate slide(s), even if the slide(s) now have/has a different number, or gets moved to an entirely different location or scene in the project?

Vincent Scoma

Hi John,

When a new version of the course is added to Review 360, comments roll forward with each new version. When reviewing a course that has been updated, you’ll see comments for the version you selected and all versions before it. We have a great resource that dives a bit deeper into this here

Please let us know if you have any additional questions! 

John Morley

Thanks Vincent,

The resource to which you linked is a comprehensive review of what I already understood, and has been popular with our clients. But it does not reveal what happens when slides are added or deleted.

For example, if slide 3.2 is deleted, the number for all following slides in that scene will be affected (3.3 becomes 3.2, 3.4 becomes 3.3, and so on). By the same token, adding a slide bumps up the following slides by one number. Or a slide can be moved somewhere else in a scene, or to a different scene.

So what happens to the comments? Do they magically know to travel with the appropriate slide; and if so, how? Do they remain tied to the initial slide number?

This would be huge early in a project when many slides are being added, moved, and deleted.

If the answer is "Ya better resolve all comments and start fresh any time slides are added, deleted, or moved." it's still an appreciated resource. We just need advance warning so that I don't end up with a baffling jigsaw puzzle of comments attached to the wrong slides, and comments on slides that no longer exist.

Vincent Scoma

Hi John,

Happy to help here! 

When publishing an updated version of the course to Review 360, those comments that are connected to a deleted slide will continue to exist. They will only be visible for that version of the course and not in the most current version. Here is an example: 

In my Sample course, I currently have three versions of this course: 

In Version 1 of the course, there was a blank slide that had a comment. I removed this slide in my latest version, so in order to see that comment/slide, I need to switch to Version 1:

Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this! 

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