Any way to hide email addresses of those adding comments in Articulate review 360?

We are a charity so we ask volunteers to review our courses, they do not have articulate accounts so sign up to a review via an email address. The problem comes when others comment and their personal email address is displayed above their comment. Is there anyway to change it to just a name for other reviewers. Emails are useful for the developers but due to privacy we don't want all reviewers seeing personal email addresses. The only solution we have thought of is using a fake email but this then causes problems with us identifying/replying to comments.

Are we missing anything or is this not currently an option in Rise review 360?

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Henry Kelly

Hi Lauren, thanks for your reply. At the moment we have been offering a similar solution for them to access the review version using their email but send the comments to us directly via email, the only problem with this is it relies on them being quite precise in referencing where their comment is related to in the course.

It would be great to see an option to use names instead with emails only visible to course creators, if that's something that could be possible for the future?