Articulate 360 Review - Sharing Review library with other license holders

Jun 15, 2017

I'm trying to find a way to be able to share my published Content library Review file with my team. Currently when I publish something for review all notifications and feedback is coming to me. How do I make a change in my Review settings so that when peers review content I'm not the only one that is notified and able to see the feedback.

I'm going out of town and want to make sure my team is able to keep up with the feedback.

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John Morris

I am wondering about this same thing and I am afraid that I don't quite understand the answer above.

I am developing elearning with a team of three.  When I publish to Articulate Review, the Stories appear to go into a repository (of sorts) where I can see all 15 of the Stories that I have uploaded.  They are all listed there with images of their first pages, very nice and very handy.

With the understanding that I can send links to my colleagues with which they can view one Story at a time, how can my colleagues see and collaborate on content in the repository where all 15 Stories are visible? 

For example, if one of my colleagues completes an update to a Story that I have published to  Review, can he/she upload it as a new version of the one I uploaded? 

Will I be the only person who can see my items that I uploaded to Review?  And everyone else will look at the Stories one at a time?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

I'm glad you asked! 

The courses you upload to Review are connected to your account for viewing, sharing, or resolving comments. When you use the Share link to send to a colleague they'll be able to comment on the course, but they can't make any edits to the original .story file ore upload a new copy to Review. The original .story file is saved locally to your computer, and the upload to Review is connected to your Articulate 360 account. There isn't a Team repository to see all courses created and uploaded by any 360 Teams member.

If you need to share the original file for a colleague to make edits on, send them a copy of the .story file (make sure they use it locally too) and you can follow these steps for collaborating. 

We released some new collaboration features for Articulate 360 teams in an earlier update. Take a look at how you can collaborate on a Rise course or share Teams slides with Storyline. 

Hope that helps! 

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