Articulate 360 Review Tool

Good morning, folks:

I have now used the Review tool in Articulate 360 with a few clients now, and I've run into an issue with a couple of them. I'm not sure if it's user error or if it's the program itself, but at times the comments I receive from clients do not seem to correspond to the slide in question. That is, clients have provided feedback on particular slides, yet when I go in to view the comment, their comments do not seem to correspond to the slides in question. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried to create a User Guide for clients for use when using the Review tool. Has anyone else created something like this that they'd be willing to share?

Thanks so much!

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Brandon!

Sorry you're running into that issue! I personally haven't seen or heard this happen before, so I'm really glad you reached out. 

Are you able to share some screenshots on what you see with me here?

Additionally, please feel free to check out/share my colleague Allison's Rise course here – specifically the Using Articulate Review lesson.

I'll be standing by!

Brandon Dameshek

Hey, Katie:

Thanks for sharing Allison's course. While it wasn't really "new" information, I really enjoyed the use of Rise to display the contents. I've fooled around with Rise myself before my company purchased 360, and I really enjoyed its capabilities. We have not, however, used it to create a course at this point.

In terms of the feedback I received using Articulate Review, I don't know that sharing screenshots would be helpful. I suspect that it was a user error that caused the issue, but I'm not certain. I don't think the screenshots will be able to address the concern, which is why I'm not including them. The bottom line is that my client's comments had nothing to do with the slide it corresponded to in the Feedback view. Again, I'm guessing it was an error on the part of my client.

Thanks for your feedback!

Anyone else have any user guides/course materials on using Review?

Lynn Tonini

Hi, Brandon!

I have experienced that same problem myself. When it happened to me, if I was in the middle of writing a comment about a slide and the course automatically progressed to the next slide while I was writing, the system would connect the comment with whatever slide I was on when I submitted the comment - not the one I was on when I started writing. My workaround was to watch the slide, pause it before it progressed to the next slide, and then write and submit my comment. Then, I unpaused the slide so it would go to the next slide and I repeated the process. 

FYI! ~Lynn