Articulate Review and confidential information

Hi, before I purchase 360 for my company, I would like to understand if there are any risks involved with putting sensitive information into Articulate Review for stakeholder review?

The information is confidential to my company, so I am not concerned with sharing the info with stakeholders. However, I would like to know does Articulate store a copy of/have access to the training material I place in Articulate Review?

thanks for any help you can give me



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Fergal,

At Articulate we're committed to the security of your content and user information. We've detailed all the steps our team takes and information on how we host and store content within our Articulate Trust Center and Privacy documents. 

I know it's a lot of "legal" wording and such, but incredibly comprehensive!  If you need more feel free to connect with our team here. They're happy to answer all your questions prior to purchasing!