Articulate Review - Comment without having an Articulate ID

I am a little confused.  The feature states that participants with the link can add comments to the course without having to create an Articulate Account.

However, I have had complaints that when they add their email address, they are then required to provide a password.  I thought it was not necessary to include a password or have an Articulate ID.

Can you please clarify because I am being inundated with complaints.

I have sent them your article 

but this has not helped and they are still confused.

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Adam Schwartz

Hi Tex,

It's because those users have created an Articulate ID in the past. Like if they were E-Learning Heroes users or if they've done a trial for Storyline, etc.

The good news is if they enter their password (click the forgot link if necessary), they'll never have to enter their account again on that machine. And for every new content item they review, they'll already be logged in.

Hope that clarifies it.