Articulate Review - Early and Often

Nov 10, 2016

With Review the ability to provide all of the SME's and stakeholders a real time interactive feedback mechanism is huge. One of the big hurdles is getting everyone the most recent version and then collecting feedback. Review makes everything easier. Everyone can provide feedback on the latest iteration with the click of a link. I recommend getting everyone involved using Review early and often.  This allows any learning curve to be experienced early on and have any hurdles cleared at the beginning of the project. This would be great for feedback at the rapid prototyping phase of your project and beyond. 

Anyone else see a good approach to getting everyone on board with this great new tool?

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Leslie McKerchie
Duane Knudsen

Articulate Review is the single component of 360 that I was very excited about. However, I can't use it as all of my application training gets compressed on the screen to make room for the feedback comments. The SMEs who are reviewing the content cannot see the application screens very well at all (I'm also using zoom regions at times). This may work great for other types of training but doesn't seem to for application training. 

Duane Knudsen

I don't think hiding comments helps. I've attached 3 screen images of an application screen. This one already has a zoom region. Course playback via browser doesn't look too bad (the first image), but using Articulate Review it is a bit distorted. And hiding the comments does not seem to make a difference for the reviewer experience. 

Justin Grenier

Hi Duane,

Thanks for your patience on this. One of our Storyline engineers took a close look at your file.

The basic issue is that our published HTML5 output keeps video at its smallest possible size for use on mobile devices and to keep things speedy. In the case of the project you sent us, the video that is blurry gets scaled down to the size of the slide. In Flash, this doesn't happen quite as much.

We'll open a discussion about this in Engineering and see if we can do something thoughtful about this in the future.

In the interim, one possible workaround to make your video look crisp in Articulate Review is increase your slide size. When you create a new Articulate Storyline project, the slide size defaults to 720 pixels wide by 540 pixels high, but you can change it to any size you'd like.  Here's how.

We tried doubling your slide size and also tried it at 1.5x size. It looks like the sweet spot may be somewhere in the middle.

Please let us know how it goes. Thanks!

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