Articulate Review Home Page

I am suddenly unable to access my Articulate Review Home page... the page that shows all of the eLearning modules that I have published.

I have tried clicking the Launch button for Articulate Review on the Articulate 360 panel, but it just takes me to a generic 360 Review overview page, inviting me to start of free trial, with no option to sign in. This used to work...

I also used to be able to access it from one of the published modules. There was a link in the upper left corner (to the left of the open module name), that took me back to my home page. That link is no longer there. 

I can publish a course from Storyline 360 to Articulate Review. That works fine. And I am getting notifications when comments are added. But I no longer seem to have the ability to set a password for a course, and I can't seem to access that home page... so I feel like I don't actually own the course even though I published it. 

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong. It's been a little while since I've used this, so things could have changed. But I can't figure it out.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Marge!  I'm sure it's something simple that we can figure out.  ☺️

First, go to  In the upper right hand corner, make sure you're signed in with the correct Articulate ID.  The email that you're using to post this discussion question has an expired trial for Articulate 360.  

Sign out and sign back in using your other email.  I see a more abbreviated email version attached to a subscription, but I don't want to publicly post it!  😊

Let me know how you make out or if you have any questions!