Articulate Review. Mute Project is not really muted - emails still go out

STL 360 on Windows 7

I mute all my projects...yet emails still go out.

Am I interpreting the mute function incorrectly?

How can I stop emails from going out?

Is it only applicable to the initial comment but not replies? How can I apply it to replies as well?



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Katie Saunders

I'm not seeing my own comments emailed to me nor am I getting emails when Others enter comments. So that is working as designed

Is there any way to stop my replies from being emailed to Others? 

I do not want anyone to receive any email when I add a comment or reply...not until I am ready for them to review an updated version.

The pain point is that I start getting individual emails filling my Inbox before I am even done with incorporating their comments. They just forward the auto-email email back to me with their answer/feedback. 

So then I have to work out of both Articulate Review and email.

I'm sure you'll suggest that I tell my IDs to enter all feedback into Articulate Review but they won't. They will decide it's way easier to just email me.

The Mute Project description is misleading because it does say "all notifications" when you select Mute Project: Mute all notifications for this project.

Is there any workaround to prevent notifications from going out entirely? 



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katie, 

Who is the author of this course? Whoever published it to Review will always receive an email with the comments unless they decided to turn it off using the Mute functionality. 

The only option you could enable that would stop all notifications is to disable the commenting feature within Review. If they are only going to respond to you via email, you could share that with your reviewers and ask them to respond via email.

You could also look at changing the frequency of the email notifications so that you could take a look at the comments when you're free to do so. Here's more details on how to do that. 

Katie Saunders

I am the Author. I get zero emails which is perfect.

I wish MY replies to a Stakeholder's comment would not generate an auto-email to the Stakeholder.

And there is no way I'm leaving Articulate Review to work out of Outlook; that's one of the things I love about Art Rev!  I just work with lazy people.

I suppose I can create a new comment to reference the Stakeholder's an existing comment. No emails go out on that...or preference every Reply with "Don't you DARE use Outlook to response to this! Go back into Art Rev and reply to my reply you lazy bum!"...something like that

Sometimes their feedback is bonkers and make no sense. So I make an internal note to myself to gather more information on that particular feedback/slide. And then I continue to the next piece of feedback/slide.

I'd love a Feature Request that allows the Developer/Author the ability to make an internal note to themselves that no one else sees or gets an email about.

Thanks for your help and info.