Articulate Review not allowing comments

Sep 13, 2017

We are using Articulate Review for Content Reviews. After the last software update done 9/12/17, the reviewers have not been able to put in comments. On two occasions, they put in their email but they are not allowed to click the next button. (See Attached) One time they said they did get their email in but I did get an email and the comment wasn’t in Articulate Review.

We need the comments in review as conformation that the owner requested a revision.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

LOL Brian - it could be, but we also had a bit of downtime earlier this week, so that could have been it too! 

You can also see real-time status updates here: 

Click the "Subscribe" button in the upper right corner of the status page (above) if you'd like to receive notifications of status changes in the future! 

Hope that helps and if you need anything else, let us know.

Reginald Dunn

My reviewers are having the same issue. The content needs to go through several iterations, and as of late last week the reviewers have not been able to re-enter Articulate Review to post additional comments. There were no issues prior to the updates that I installed last week. I replicated the issue using a couple of my personal email accounts to which there is no Articulate ID attached, making sure to access the link on a machine that does not have Articulate 360. I was asked for a password each time. I made sure that the "Allow comments without signing in" checkbox was checked, so I have been able to rule that out.

David Marquez

Hi to all,

One year later and with I guess many updates I am having the same issue.

I work in a company with several HQ all over. When I send my course for review in a different location people cannot access with the URL that I send. I send the URL from the "Share" drop down (see image below).

Sometimes I instruct the person to download the 30 day trial and in other occasion we assign a temporary license. But both solutions are terrible and complicated for many stakeholders. I will gladly receive any help.


David Marquez

Hi Ashley, thanks for the reply.

I work remotely and most of my stakeholders are not familiar with Articulate. For example below there is a typical comment that I receive:

"David: I could review the slides, but I could not comment , (I needed credentials to Login).  "

We as usual have intranet and run a fairly old version of Windows (Windows 7) and Explorer.

Taking in consideration the comment above, I wonder how the comments section works for people who do not have Articulate ID or licenses? I have never found myself in that position so is challenging for me to instruct remotely someone without a license to leave their comments. Is there a visual step by step online that I could share with the above stakeholder?

I cannot share a real version of the course publicly but I have a MOCK-UP version in the url below;

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, David!

The Articulate Review link you shared looks great! Your reviewers should be able to leave comments there without an Articulate 360 trial or subscription.

If your reviewers are prompted to enter a password, that means the email address they are using is associated with an Articulate ID. They can click the Forgot Password link, and we'll send them an email with steps to create a new password.

Here's a handy video you can send to all your reviewers that demonstrates how to post comments in Articulate Review and when they will see the prompt to enter a password. I hope that's helpful!

Katie Riggio

Hello there, Meghan!

I'm happy to explore further and have a few quick questions:

  • To clarify, is your teammate getting prompted to enter a password; the next button is inactive; or something else?
  • What browser is she using to access the content?
  • Could you share the Review 360 URL with us? We'll run through it and let you how the process looks. You can send it privately by using this link.
Rochelle Phillpotts

Hey Katie!

I just saw this more recent thread so posting my issue here as well, even though I just added it to another thread I saw.

I am experiencing this same issue where my reviewers are unable to leave comments. Review 360 is not accepting their email addresses when attempting to add a comment. It just keeps presenting the add email pop up for them when they click in the comments field. I have also tried 'dummy' addresses e.g or and they are also not allowing comments to be added. The people reviewing have never used any articulate products before.

I have made sure that I have unticked the 'allow users without articulate IDs to comment'. Have tested in Edge and Chrome (our preferred browser).

If you can please help that would be great. I can give you the email addresses privately of the reviewers if you need to check. Thanks!

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