Articulate Review not displaying past the 3rd slide

I've tried using Review for the first time and unfortunately it seems to be stalling out at the third slide.

The course is currently only 18 slides, but more than 3. I've let the 3 play through fully. There isn't anything funny on the third slide, just some audio and text, not even triggers or other media.

I'm still using the trial version so I'm wondering if there is a limit on Review with the trial, or anything else I should be trouble shooting?

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Justin Grenier

Thanks for trying out Articulate Review, Sara!

We don't put functionality limits on trial accounts, so this shouldn't be happening!  Is it possible that you're using a browser that doesn't meet our System Requirements?  IE 10 or earlier would be a trigger for sure.  Could you try another browser for kicks?

If the course is something you can share openly, we'd be happy to try it on our side, or if you'd like to share it privately, you can send us a link here.

Let us know what you find and we'll be happy to help!