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Katie Riggio

Hello, Brooke. Really sorry you're running into some trouble in Review when in Chrome.

I'd love to gather more detail and work through this with you! Can you help me with:

I'll be standing by, ready to run some tests!

Alejandra Castillo

Hi Katie!

i´m using the Versión 66.0.3359.170 of chrome, my course was built on articulate 360 (trial version)  and i publish on articulate review so i can share the link, the problem here is only w chrome, i cannot hear anything on the course, but if i open the ink in an other navigator i can hear the audio the whole way.

I hope this info coul be useful! 
Thank you Katie!


Ann-Marie Pickles

Hi, this issue is happening in Chrome Version 54.0.2840.99 m as well. We have staff wanting to review their courses and use Chrome but it shows nothing. Previous courses published are working fine in Chrome, just the ones that we published today/yesterday.

Internet Explorer 11 is viewing the course fine so at least they can use that in the meantime.

A Chrome fix would be great :)

Heather Thomas

Hi Ashley,

The course is set to auto-play. No - I don't see a play button, aside from the icon on the navigational toolbar. I do not have the latest update yet, so I see that will resolve my problem. Thanks.

(My organization doesn't allow the automatic updates for Articualte, so I have to wait until our IT department packages the updates and distributes them to our team. Bummer!)


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alita,  Glad to hear it, thanks for the update. 

Heather, keep us posted if you're still running into issues once you update. I don't suspect there will be, but if there is we'll want to take a look at your Review link to do some testing. 

Hi Anne-Marie, that Chrome version is a bit outdated, the latest one is version 66. We support the latest version of the browsers here for viewing Articulate 360 content in Review.  Your users will want to look at allowing Chrome to update, as they've also implemented other fixes and security enhancements with each version and our Articulate 360 updates provide support for the newest versions as well.