Articulate Review not working in Internet Explorer


I've created a software simulation and published it to articulate review. When I test the file on my laptop the simulation works perfectly. When I test it in Articulate Review in Chrome it works perfectly. When I test it in Articulate Review in Internet Explorer some of the hotspots won't take effect stopping the user from progressing.

There is another file that is of similar size and has very similar actions and this seems to work fine.

Anyone got any ideas or coming across the same issue?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jen!

That certainly does sound odd. We have seen some issues with hotspots in Internet Explorer, and I'd love to test your file to see if what you're experiencing matches those issues.

Would you mind sharing a copy of your file with us here? Be sure to indicate which slides (if any) tend to give you the most trouble. 

Derek Kindig

Hi Jen, 

I don't know if it'll help or not but you may want to change the format settings when you publish. I've attached a screenshot for reference. The issues I've encountered with running Review in IE has been isolated to the course text not rendering properly (missing letters, weird spacing, etc.) and thought maybe this could help.