Articulate Review: visual anomalies in player; not a problem when published to LMS


Is there a known issue with some visual problems in Review? I have this persistent while line down the border of the canvas window on the left side, not the right. I can't send anyone a Review link because it's noticeable enough that it looks like I was careless. I even expanded my images to way outside the canvas border and it's still doing it. Very frustrating.


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Cheryl Hoover

Support has been able to replicate the issue and is sending it on to their Quality Assurance engineers. It was suggested that I remove animations, as the issue disappears when the slide has no animations. That would make this course very flat and confuse the reviewers even more. An easier solution would be to change the player color to white just for the review, but that doesn't show the visual effect I was trying to achieve. I could explain to the reviewers that it won't look like that in the final product, but I think they'll then suspect that I'm not paying attention to detail.

I'd say this renders this product in the suite unusable until this is corrected. That's really a shame. Can I get a rebate? : )

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Cheryl.

We're going to look into a fix for this behavior ASAP.  We don't want you to have to remove your animations or change the player color--Gren was just digging deep to find any possible workaround for you!  It makes complete sense that the removal of the thin white line isn't worth either of those tradeoffs for you.

I've asked one of our Success Coaches to reach out to you regarding your account.  We'll be in touch as soon as we have a more complete fix.

Cheryl Hoover

Justin, no problem. I was teasing on the rebate. I assumed they'd be working on this hard because it is a "review" product where people will pick things apart. And it is a very thin white line but just the kind of thing my boss, the head of Communications, would find distracting and curious.

I published this project to my LMS and gave instructions for access like we used to do. No big deal. Thanks very much for your response.

Justin Grenier

Just a quick update after doing some testing on Friday, Cheryl.

It turns out that the fine line can appear in Storyline 360's HTML5 output in any environment--Articulate Review is one example.  This behavior is dependent on how the course is being scaled, so it sounds like your LMS is scaling the content in a way that works better for your course.

I just wanted to clarify that the fix on this will come from Storyline, and we'll keep this forum thread updated on our progress.

Have a great week!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl,

We released an update for Storyline 360 this AM, which fixed an issue where white lines could appear around slides and the logo might be blurry when a course scaled to fill the browser window.

Take a look at the details here to install the latest update.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly. 

Note: This fix is available for Storyline 360 and will be included in the next update/release of Storyline 3 - date TBD. We'll share information here once that's available.