As "owner", is it possible to download courses from Articulate Review?

Sometimes, emergencies occur where I do not have access to my regular computer, nor to my backup file. It would be handy if I, as an "owner" or uploader of a course, could also download it on a different computer. Is that possible? It didn't seem like it at first sight, but it would be nice to have...

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tessa.  Thanks for reaching out!  Articulate Review hosts the published output of your projects from Storyline, Studio and Rise.  That output is in a different format, so it doesn't contain editable content.  Peek videos can be downloaded as .mp4 files, however.

I'll defer to the community for tips about where to store your project files so that you have access to them regardless of the machine you're using!

Jeff Nunamaker

I have gotten into the habit of sharing projects using the Team Slides function. I am not sure if that is something you have access to as I am on a team subscription and am not positive it crosses over to individual subscriptions, but it works well enough for those types of situations you mention above.