Asking for password for comments even though option is selected

My courses are prompting users for a password when making comments in Review even though I have checked the 'Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment'.

Here is a blank project I created (I am not allowed to share our actual course but settings are the same) -

And you can see in the attached pic, that I have selected the option to allow comments without an id.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Julie,

It sounds like the ones running into the password requirement must have an Articulate ID.

If their email address is tied to an Articulate ID and if they aren't already signed in, they'll be prompted to enter their password.

That setting is to allow those without an Articulate ID to make comments as well.

Check out our documentation here.

Irina Hasala

Hi Leslie,

sorry to dig up an old discussion, but I am encountering the same problem.

Is there any way people with an email tied to an Articulate ID to not use their ID while commenting?  By clearing browser cache or something else?

Some of my colleagues and clients have IDs they no longer wish to use (dating eg. as far as three years ago), so it would be more useful to have them only enter their email to comment. I have the "allow users without Articulate IDs"-checkbox checked.