Audio files playing intermittently

The story attached is part of a course I am working on. Slide 1.2 has a small audio clip, which seems to play fine in this attachment, but does not play in the course I am working on.

Anyone know why an audio clip would not play consistently? I have recreated the slide and the audio clip, but I still have the same outcome - in my course it does not always play.  I  have the same outcome regardless of internet browser used.



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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Ken. Happy to dig in!

First, I published the file to Review 360 using the latest version of Storyline 360. 

I viewed the content in Chrome 81, Firefox 76, and Safari 13 where I'm having trouble reproducing any audio issues. I'll need your help!

  • How are you publishing the course—Web, LMS?
  • Is this happening with other audio files?
  • Saving to a network drive or an external USB drive can cause unresponsive audio. Let's make sure that the media files are on a local c: drive.
Ken Mensack

Thanks Katie!

The story attached to my original post works fine.  It is part of a much larger course that I cannot post here.  In the course, the video plays during the preview. When I publish to Review 360, the audio (on the first slide I attached) does not always play.  I have the newest update of SL. I have tried on multiple search engines too - same results; some times it plays, and other times it does not. I have not gotten far enough to upload to our LMS. 

All media is on a local drive.

I have recreated this slide, including the audio several times, same results.

I am left thinking that there is something on one of the slides in the larger course somewhere that is causing this to happen.

The story I attached is one of 2 scenes that are formatted exactly the same way; same triggers, number of slides and such. Except for content, everything is the same, and that scene has zero issue.  



Katie Riggio

Good morning, Ken!

Thank you for those clues. Just sharing that our Engineers are happy to sign an NDA when necessary, and we keep all content secure. You can use this private link if you'd like to go this route:

In the meantime, you're doing all the right things. I'll do my best to help you get to the bottom of this audio issue without seeing the affected file:

  • I also believe that there may be a corrupt item on the first slide. Can I have you import the slides into a new Storyline project to see if that helps? 
  • Do your teammates see the same behavior? Also, does the problem happen on other computers or mobile devices?
Ken Mensack

Hi Katie!

When I import into a new project, the same issue happens; sometimes the audio plays, and sometimes it does not. When I import just the scene into a new project, it plays every time.

My teammates are also having the same issue with this project.

I had a variable to play the audio at the beginning of the slide, and adjusted it to not play when revisiting.  I have taken the variable and adjustment out, which is allowing the audio to play, but now.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Ken!

Thank you for those extra details! 

It sounds like the audio plays when you import the specific scene into a new project, but importing the entire project doesn't do the trick. 

There could be a variable in the first scene that is affecting the audio in additional slides. Are you using the same variables throughout your course?

Since your teammate is hitting the same snag, then it seems to be something tricky in the file.

Not to worry, we're here to help and happy to keep troubleshooting!