Avoiding Groupthink in Review Comments

Hi everyone,

We've sent quite a few Storyline courses out for review using Articulate Review and overall we like it. This morning we sent a course out for an unusually wide review (50+ reviewers) and the very first person who reviewed the course had a wrong expectation and misunderstood the fundamental purpose of the course. As a result, we got a barrage of negative comments that are off-base.

Is there a way we can limit the visibility of this user's comments? We don't want this first set of negative comments to lead to "Groupthink" among  subsequent commenters.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ray,

Another thought, could you look at resolving the comments as you see them? When you do that, they're no longer on the main feedback tab and it'll be a little less visible to other users who may be reviewing next. 

Curious what other ideas the community has to share, so I'll be following along!