Button labels not publishing to Review

Oct 17, 2019

Hi there, Has anyone had the issue of button labels not publishing to Review correctly? 

What I am experiencing with a course built in Rise, using the French translation for the labels and the labels show as translated and updated when Previewing the course, but do not render/publish with the changes to Review. 

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Tara.

I haven't heard similar reports lately, so I'm glad you reached out about this! 

What browser(s) are you using to view the content? Would you be willing to share the Review 360 URL so we can investigate what's happening? If that works for you, you can share the link to the content privately with our Support team here. We'll delete the link after troubleshooting!

Tara Muir

Hi Katie, thanks for the reply. We're using Chrome - it seems to have updated with subsequent publishing. What I'm actually wondering is if might have to do with internet connection at the time of publish?  As I've also noticed that sometimes changes made to the course itself (in Chrome) don't always 'stick'.   

So they will show as updated, and returning to the course at a later time, the changes did not save or remain.  

I've also attached a screen shot of one of the translated labels not rendering correctly.

Katie Riggio

Hi, Tara. Thank you for reaching back out!

Rise 360 should be saving any changes automatically while you're editing text and adding new blocks or lessons–with an active internet connection.

From here, I'd like to get our Support team's opinion and have opened a case on your behalf. Someone from the team will reach out shortly, and I'll follow along. We'll figure what's happening with the built-in labels and unsaved changes together!

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