Can't publish to Articulate Review

May 30, 2018

Hi all,

I can't seem to publish to Articulate Review. I have tried several times, have reset my computer, and even adjusted the output a bit. No matter what I do it doesn't publish. I get the following error: 

  1. Unknown error. Please check your account URL and try again.

I have copied the URL directly from my Review Dashboard, I've removed the https://, left it in... nothing works.

Has anyone run into this issue? I am trying to get a published course to my SME for review.


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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Daniel!  Based on your screenshot, it looks like you're trying to publish to Articulate Online, which is different than publishing to Articulate Review.  Articulate Online is our light-duty LMS, so to publish to Articulate Review, you'll want to choose that option at the top: Publish to Articulate 360.   Here are the complete steps on how to do that!

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