Can't upload to Articulate Review


I'm trying to upload a course that I had already added to Articulate Review and just put the most current one. I had to change the name to that one and 3 other ones. Every time I publish to 360 review it goes through the process and right at the end it gives me an error saying that I need to check my internet connection. I was fin publishing 1 course just before this and 3 other courses afterwards to Articulate Review. I have also tried to create a new file and still got the same problem. I also imported my Storyline file to a new file to see and got the same problem. Can anyone please help?

Thanks. Priscillia

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Laurel Schulert

Hi Priscilla, 

I sometimes get the same error. I think publishing takes up a lot of bandwidth. I have found that restarting my computer and then immediately publishing to Review (and not using the computer for anything else while it's publishing) usually works. Sometimes it still takes me a few tries though. 

Peter Ward

After spending an hour and a half troubleshooting and trying every solution I could find in these discussion threads, I finally found a solution. Since the problem is with the internet connection, I unplugged my router and modem, waited a minute and plugged them back in - FINALLY, Articulate was able to Publish again! Hope it's helpful for others.

Note: If you're working somewhere that you don't have access to the modem and router, try publishing from home or a coffee shop.

Ren Gomez

Hi Ann,

Sorry to hear you're running into not being able to publish to Review 360! We haven't had any recent performance issues, so your course should be publishing correctly. Is this happening with one specific file, or many?

You can also feel free to reach out to our support team, and they'll help you dig into your file to see what's causing the issue!