Cannot Publish Course to Articulate Review & Articulate 360 Apps not working

I no longer have the ability to publish my Storyline Courses to Articulate Review (the option only shows "web" or "articulate online" ). I've checked my login/password/account status/etc.  - All are up to date and working. 

Additionally, my Articulate 360 desktop apps have stopped working (and no longer update accordingly). I have researched the forums, and also submitted a case file (#01061055) - but with no luck. 

Has anyone else been having problems publishing to Articulate Review, or with their Articulate 360 apps? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Oh no, Jenny, I'm sorry you've hit this roadblock! I'm so glad you reached out--we can help.

I see you're working with my colleague Angelo, and he sent you some troubleshooting steps and requested the 360 logs from your machine to narrow down the culprit. Let us know if you're having trouble getting those logs, and we'll be glad to assist. We want to help you get this sorted out right away!