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Hey, there! I am not able to sign-in from the 360 app or site. I published a course this morning to Review and I am able to see the course ONLY from the "View Project" button in the Published Successfully dialog in Storyline. Once in the Review site, I am not able to share because the Sign-In button does not appear to be working. I have tried multiple ways to attempt to get into 360 and the page appears to be reloading, over and over. Is there an issue with Articulate right now?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Angelia,

Thanks for contacting us to share that you are unable to sign in.

Is there an issue with Articulate right now?

We do not have any reported outages as you can see on our status page here.

I have a couple of additional questions as we dig into this:

  • Are you able to login to
  • Does this happen in any browser or just a particular one?
Sheri Schaffer

I'm having the same issue.  I posted yesterday but haven't received a response yet.  I'm not able to log into my either.  It says the email or password is invalid but I know they are correct.  I was logged in for a short time yesterday using the same credentials - but still would not open my file.  Should I contact tech support?

Mina Mouhda

I have a similar issue. I am prompted to sign in every time I log into my computer and try to use Storyline. The worse thing is I cannot even enter my credentials to log in. If I am not online, basically cannot use the software. This is not friendly, to say the least. 

I have to restart my computer every time.

Can someone from Articulate look into this seriously and fix it.

Thank you.



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mina and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for letting us know what you are seeing and for the helpful image.

Let's get you back up and running:

  1. Close the Articulate 360 desktop app (double-click on the red X and then head over to the system tray. There, right-click on the Articulate logo and select Quit).
  2. Restart the machine and then try signing in again.

Let me know if you see any improvements from there!